Chapter 8- Overcoming the fears that bind

This collection was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's fear of death.
It was a challenge to conceive how to visually translate this concept. A stroke of genius endeavoured to stage a mock #funeral in a church, where the models became mourners of the ‘dearly departed’.

The premise was overcoming fears (eg approval of others, being alone, etc) that prohibit oneself from living abundantly, and recognizing perception is one’s reality until they know truth.

To convey the concept, a series of serendipitous circumstances led to the incomparable opera talent Measha Bruggergosman to perform gospel spirituals live, narrating the path from death to redemption.

 📷 @philcrozier 💄 @karenemalcolm 💇 @mialazo403 Model: @angigreene

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