Chapter 4- Life line

This collection was inspired by a Biblical account of a woman named Rahab- The Harlot. She was the proprietor of an ‘Inn/tavern’ along the city wall of a place called Jericho.

She had determined that her city was inevitably going to be overthrown by the Israelites in their pursuit of the Promisedland. As such, she decided to align herself with those known as ‘God’s chosen people’ by aiding and abetting Israeli spies. She enabled them to escape through her window along the city wall via a scarlet cord, which later became a trademark of her own salvation.

As an aside, today, scholars often equate the red rope as an intended symbol of blood of the lamb in Jewish Passover and the crucifixion in the Christian faith.
This narrative is intended to reflect how one can become a product of the people they choose to commune with most, and that tribe of people can change the destiny of one’s life.

To this end, Rahab- The Harlot- is viewed as a heroine because by realigning her beliefs, she in turn became the great grandmother of King David, & subsequently part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.

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